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How we work

Entrust your company’s logistics operations to us and get all services you need under one roof, thus reducing your company’s logistics as well as human resources costs.


Transportation of freight:

By air

Speed. For extremely urgent and important shipments. Between all continents

By sea

Cost effectiveness. From a single pallet to extreme loads. Between all ports in the world.

By road

Optimality.From a small box to an oversize load. Throughout Europe and Asia


Customs formalities, cargo insurance, consulting, warehousing, distribution, and other services.

We aspire after your convenience,

therefore, where applicable, we will collect your shipment and provide door-to-door service

Kaip dirbame

We don’t follow a pattern.

Your situation is always unique. Therefore, we improvise, adapt, and offer the best solution.

How we work

work with inspiration,

cheerful mind and vigor!

How we work